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Let Martens Plumbing Keep You Cool With AC Maintenance

What’s the best way to keep your air conditioner from unexpectedly breaking down? It’s simple: schedule annual AC maintenance. Below, the Bryant® pros at Martens Plumbing & Heating explain how this service helps you stay one step ahead of any problems that could potentially arise. When it come to the cooling comfort of your family, don’t take any chances. Call us today to set up an appointment.

What Happens During AC Maintenance?

AC maintenance is a routine cleaning and inspection of your system. During this service, we check every part of your system. Our 21-point inspection covers it all.

Here’s what we’ll do when we come to tune up your AC:

  • Inspect and test all major parts
  • Clean out dirty, grimy buildup that reduces efficiency
  • Replace your air filter to keep air clean and moving freely
  • Test your system to make sure it’s working correctly
  • Find and fix problems before they get worse

In the end, your AC will run as if it’s brand new, which can benefit you in many ways—see below.

What Are the Advantages of AC Maintenance?

In addition to keeping your air conditioner running efficiently and longer, a routine cleaning and inspection also has huge benefits for both your comfort and your peace of mind. They include:

  • Prevention of more serious repairs that could occur from lack of maintenance
  • A cleaner system that results in better air quality for you and your family
  • A more efficient system that uses less energy (and saves you money, too)
  • Validation of your system warranty (regular maintenance may be required as part of your warranty requirements)

Make Maintenance a Priority With Martens

With Martens’ maintenance agreement, you can be sure that this routine service is always on the calendar. You won’t have to worry about remembering because we’ll remind you. Contact us today to set up your annual AC maintenance agreement.
At Martens, reliable residential and commercial cooling service is what we’ve built our reputation on. And with over six decades of service, it’s what our customers have come to expect. Whether it’s time for maintenance, a repair, or installation, experience our quality for yourself.