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Thermostats and Controls to Fine Tune Your Home Comfort

If you’re looking for the latest innovations in home thermostats and controls to adjust your home comfort, turn to Martens Plumbing & Heating. Whether you want a standard, programmable, or Wi-Fi-enabled option, we’ll install the most practical choice based on your lifestyle and budget. Let the Martens experts help you find and maintain your perfect temperature—from anywhere. Call us today with questions.

The Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Difference

Considering an upgrade to your home thermostat? A Wi-Fi device installed by Martens Plumbing offers you convenience—and so many other benefits to keep your home temperature maintained at your exact preference, no matter where your location. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can:

Maintain Control—On the Go

No matter where you are, you can constantly check your home temperature from your smartphone, adjusting as needed. If your plans change, it’s easy to make adjustments to your home comfort settings from anywhere, at any time.

Schedule Temperature Changes

Wi-Fi thermostats give you the ability to schedule temperature changes based on your preferences. You can also program your device so that it follows a set schedule, whether it’s daily, weekly, or even monthly. If the temperature rises or dips below your set number, your HVAC system will automatically kick in.

Save Money and Energy

When your home temperature is automatically adjusted based on your settings using a programmable thermostat, you maximize your HVAC system efficiency—using less energy overall and saving you money year-round.

Save Time

When you set a consistent temperature for your home, you set it and forget it. You won’t need to waste your time making manual adjustments each day.

Set Different Zones

If your home is set up with a zoned system, which allows you to customize temperatures in different areas of the home, you can individually adjust temperatures in these separate areas with a few taps from your mobile device.

What to Expect With Thermostat Replacement and Installation

Before you purchase a new thermostat, Martens Plumbing will examine your current HVAC system and the size and layout of your home. We’ll also ask some questions about your home comfort preferences. This helps us determine the most efficient thermostat for your family.

Once installation is complete, the Martens experts will explain all your new thermostat features, show you how to use them, and answer any questions you have about operation.

Thermostat Repair and Maintenance

Martens Plumbing is knowledgeable on many types of thermostats and controls—so if you’re experiencing an issue with your current one, we can also assist. Call us to set an appointment and we’ll assess any issues and repair as needed.

Martens Plumbing Is the Top Choice for Your Home Comfort

Ready to take the next step to more comfortable air in your home? Martens has the right combination of residential indoor air quality solutions and products to address your concerns of odors, humidity, pollution, and more. Give Martens Plumbing a call today at 262-363-7146 or contact us online to get started.