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Martens Plumbing & Heating: For All Your Heating Maintenance Needs

Like your car or lawn mower, your home furnace needs maintenance. It’s the key to keeping your system running at maximum efficiency with few to no repairs. But what happens during this routine inspection? The Bryant® experts at Martens Plumbing & Heating explain below. Read more about our heating maintenance services, then give us a call to make an appointment.

What Is Maintenance?

Heating maintenance is a once-a-year service during which our technicians thoroughly clean and tune your system. No part of your unit will be overlooked—we provide a 21-point inspection that covers everything.

Here’s what we’ll do when we come to your home for a furnace tune-up:

  • Inspect, test, and adjust all the main parts to make sure they’re in good condition and working correctly
  • Clean your system, removing dust, pet hair, cobwebs, leaves, and other debris that collects in the unit
  • Identify problems, explain what’s wrong, and fix the issue
  • Replace the air filter to promote airflow throughout your home, keeping your furnace from having to work harder to move air

What Are the Benefits of Heating Maintenance?

Maintenance not only keeps your system running better for longer, but it also has other unexpected benefits as well. These include:

  • Fewer repairs
  • Cleaner system
  • Decreased energy usage (and costs)
  • Warranty validation (regular maintenance may be required as part of your warranty requirements)

Schedule It—Then Forget About It

With Martens Plumbing’s maintenance agreement, you’ll never have to worry about remembering to schedule your appointment—we’ll remind you when it’s time. Contact us today to set up your annual furnace maintenance or maintenance agreement. Don’t delay—this single service can make all the difference in how your system runs for years to come.