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Breathe Cleaner, Fresher Air With Martens Plumbing & Heating

Our homes are a haven from the rest of the world—which is why we spend a lot of time maintaining and cleaning them. But one area you might overlook is your home air. Believe it or not, indoor air can be just as contaminated as outdoors because our homes are shut off from the outside most of the time. That makes it easy for contaminants like dust, dirt, pet dander and more to build up.

Though your furnace air filter can trap some of this, air purifiers and cleaners can take your home air quality to the next level. The Bryant® experts at Martens Plumbing & Heating explain how these systems work below. Read about their benefits, then call us today for more information.

How Do Air Purifiers and Cleaners Work?

Air purifiers and cleaners both filter contaminants out of your home air. However, they do so in completely different ways.
An air purification system eliminates contaminants by emitting UV light that can kill up to 99 percent of pollutants.
Air cleaners, on the other hand, do not eliminate the pollutants outright. Instead, they trap them within your HVAC system and prevent them from recirculating through your home. They’re also built directly within your HVAC system.

What Are the Benefits of Air Purifiers and Cleaners?

Better Health

Air purifiers and cleaners kill or trap harmful bacteria and viruses that can lead to cold and flu. Fewer germs floating in the air means less sickness in the home.

Fewer Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Air contaminants like dust, pollen, dirt, and dander can all set off allergy and asthma symptoms. Removing these from the air soothes those problems for anyone in your home who is affected.

Fresher Air

Stale home air can lead to unpleasant odors in your home. By eliminating pollutants from the air, your home will be fresher and free of unwanted smells.

A More Efficient HVAC System

When you reduce the amount of dust and dirt circulating through your HVAC, the air can move more freely within your ductwork. This results in less stress on your system—as well as improved energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

Get Started With Cleaner Home Air Today

Ready to take the next step to clean up the air in your home? Martens has the right combination of residential indoor air quality solutions and products to address your concerns of odors, humidity, pollution, and more. Give Martens Plumbing a call today at 262-363-7146 or contact us online to get started.